Webinar: Defamation in the Time of COVID-19

The proliferation of online customer reviews and comments have created a tricky landscape for business owners trying to promote a positive image of their company and deflect negative critiques that can be misleading and sometimes downright [...]

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Rent is Due!… Can the “Shelter in Place” orders lawfully change existing contracts?

With so many people struggling to maintain income due to COVID-19, can this crisis change existing laws to prevent evictions? Read this article by Sheehe & Associates, P.A. attorney Karen D. Fultz to learn more on this timely topic.

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Can An Employer Fire An Employee During A Pandemic?

Sheehe & Associates attorney Karen D. Fultz was presented with a scenario involving the potential firing of an employee who had to remain in quarantine because of the coronavirus. If the employee does not go to work, can the employer [...]

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If There Are Product Defects In Medical Products Used For The Covid-19 Pandemic, What Do You Do?

If there are defects in medical products used for the COVID-19 pandemic, what legal recourse do you have? Sheehe & Associates attorney Karen D. Fultz takes on this topic with an article discussing what legal action you can take if a loved [...]

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