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Florida Litigation Attorneys Fight Hard for Clients’ Rights

Sheehe & Associates, P.A. has an unassailable reputation built on outstanding litigation skills, along with smart, meticulous case preparation and a track record of success in the toughest cases. Florida Attorney Phillip Sheehe infuses his firm with the competitive spirit that has defined him since he swam competitively on a college scholarship. He combines his passion to win and the discipline to prepare his cases tirelessly with a collegial relationship within the legal community. These skills enable him to get the best outcomes for clients whether he is litigating in the courtroom or negotiating a settlement out of court.

Clients can expect to find the following at Sheehe & Associates, P.A.:

  • Superior litigation skills — Phillip J. Sheehe has dedicated his practice to litigation cases. He has tried complex commercial cases in Pennsylvania, California, Illinois, West Virginia, the District of Columbia and Florida. He draws on decades of litigation experience to identify strategies for each new case.
  • Meticulous preparation — Attorney Phillip Sheehe spends weeks and sometimes months preparing for each case. He brings the highest work ethic and a mastery of the facts to each representation. He will do whatever it takes to win and perseveres through the longest trials, sometimes lasting up to six months. He is as competitive today as he was when competing on a four-year swimming scholarship at the University of Florida. He gets great satisfaction from fighting and winning for his clients.
  • Track record of success — For more than 45 years, Phillip J. Sheehe has devoted his practice of the law to litigation cases. His skill and confidence in the courtroom have delivered countless verdicts and settlements in favor of his clients.

Sheehe & Associates, P.A. represents clients in commercial litigation, civil trial practice and insurance litigation cases. We fight and win cases involving tort litigation, breach of contract, product liability and more. We take cases in the following areas of practice:

  • Commercial Litigation
  • Civil Trial Practice
  • Insurance Litigation

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